Broke Bikes

A lasting strategy that takes things to the next gear

Broke Bikes is a Belgium based bicycle concept specialized in custom made fixed gear bicycles. Three young Campines, driven by a dream to bring back fun and color into the world of cycling, succeeded in launching the fixie trend on the Belgian market by organizing an online competition directing over 500 000 unique visitors to their website.

At the virtual workshop you can apply paint to the frame, mount different rims and choose between three different handlebar types. Allowing you to easily configure your bike in a million different ways to match your personality.

“At Broke Bikes™ we believe that a bike should reflect our uniqueness as human beings. All created equal but everyone has his or her own personal touch.”

Next to fixed gear bikes, Broke Bikes has recently launched the Broke Five. The same beautiful minimalistic design combined with absurd quality, with just one major difference: five gears offer ultimate ease of use.

Broke Bikes has the goal to build an all-round bicycle brand. This is where Nightingale steps in: outlining an elaborate brand strategy and repositioning Broke Bikes within the market, both national and international.

Broke Bikes Deli
At the beginning of 2015, Broke Bikes presented its online concept offline in the Broke Bikes Deli located in the Nieuwe Gaanderij in Antwerp. Nightingale was responsible for the interior concept of the pop-up store, as well as the national press relations announcing the first encounter with the offline world. The interior concept perfectly reflects Broke Bikes’ core values: bringing back that feeling of freedom and fun you got from your very first bike and helping you to ‘Lead a colourful life’.
A blinded window interrupted with an interactive screen showing Broke Bikes’ social media feed forms a front between the outside world and the colourful universe of Broke Bikes. Inside the deli, all bicycle parts such as the frameset, handlebars and tires are floating through the pop-up. An industrial look and feel is enhanced by the usage of concrete, neon lighting, PVC crates and wire mesh. To generate traffic to the pop-up store, Nightingale assisted Broke Bikes in the creation of an online/offline competition: Hide & Seek. Clues where to find the hidden bike were giving online, the key to unlock the bike was to be collected inside the Broke Bikes Deli. In regard to press coverage, the Broke Bikes Deli was a success story. Both selective and mainstream press covered the pop-up, resulting in increased brand awareness, traffic to the store and eventually sales.