Unfold - Read - Fold - Repeat

Digitalisation has long made its impact on the world, with all the benefits and complaints that come with it. As we spend most of our days behind the screen of our laptops, mobile phones or other electronical devices, our eyes suffer - an issue that experts have labelled the 'Computer Vision Syndrome'.

French eyewear brand IZIPIZI is probably best known for their collection of (sun)glasses counteracting this issue, but their new collection proves that the brand is far from a one trick pony. After the release of their foldable collection, they've come out with a bold but stylish set of skiglasses. 

Then there's The Fields, which plays into human kind's love for nature and The Great Beyond. Stylish, comfortable, durable and surprisingly affordable, the collection caters to those who are always on the move. No matter how many times you repeat the process, the quality will outlast your magazine subscriptions by far.

Nightingale handles the brand’s media relations and PR communication, helping them to raise brand awareness and answering any press related questions about the brand. Furthermore, you may find their two newest collection – The Fields and Sun Glacier - in our showroom, available for lending and seeding.