The List pop-up

The List pop-up brings together fashion, food & drinks, design, art, books and cinema in an inspiring space in Kloosterstraat in Antwerp. 

Editor-in-chief of The List Magazine and initiator of the pop-up Emm Verheyden gathers for the third time in a row an exciting selection of the most innovative retailers and brands in a 1000 m2 concept store. 

Fashion | Butch TailorsCamelGant RuggerJulia JuneKings Of IndigoRainsBickley + MitchellLove StoriesUnknown Curiosity, Cowboysbelt

Food | CaffeNationCopperhead GinIn De Wulf & SuperettBalls & GloryChoc-o-lait

Lifestyle | Broke BikesDIM atelierOUIRR Interior'T Stad Leest

Art | Tuymans Prints (Art Partout Gallery

Nightingale was responsible for the national press relations concerning the pop-up store and organization of the fashion department.