With Manfred+Cracco, Rodania is building on the company’s 85 years of knowledge and expertise. Its Belgian parent company, Montebi, supplies Belgian timepieces of Swiss quality in the form of brands such as Rodania and Manfred+Cracco. The brand-new Manfred+Cracco line is characterised by on-trend designs and an eye for detail. The brand pays tribute to the entrepreneurs and prime movers Manfred Aebi and Philip Cracco.

Manfred+Cracco x These Cavemen

For FW16 watch brand Manfred+Cracco teamed up with Dutch creative collective These Cavemen for an exclusive mood video. The central theme was the contrast between time pressure and timelessness, embodied by two creative lovers who are realising their sportive and musical ambitions. With the Manfred+Cracco watches in the most important supportive role. 

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