Long before Mensville became the menswear concept store it is today, the location was used as a paint factory by Jos de Kimpe & Co. As time progressed, the historical location was taken over by other haberdasheries, until it finally landed (back) in the hands of Francis Janssen and Micky de Kimpe. Taking back the heritage that his grandfather built, he decided it was time for a change. 

Mensville became the spot for gentlemen to build up their wardrobe, drink their coffee and as the day progressed enjoy a fine wine. Located in Hamme, the surroundings may be far from the younger generation and perhaps an acquired taste, but perfect for the story behind the store, which was created by Nightingale. 

Besides assisting the brand in storytelling, Nightingale furthermore designed the identity of the brand. The project also served as their first interior design project.