Nokia 8 Covers Both Sides of FW

See both sides like Chanel

This year has surely been Nokia's rise of the phoenix moment, with a comeback set in stone. Not only was the re-release of their iconic 3110 in perfect timing with how the Nostalgia Trend has been evolving, but the rollout of the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 have definitively brought them back on the radar.

As August came to an end, Nightingale successfully launched the Nokia 8 in both Antwerp and Amsterdam. Over 300 influencers, journalists and professionals got the chance to discover the flagship device throughout three fully fledged interactive installations. 

To expand on the momentum created by the launch event, Nightingale advised HMD Global to seed their new mobile device to influencers during fashion week, demonstrating the power of its new dual-sight function at this year's New York and London Fashion Week. Teaming up with well-known influencers like BryanBoy, Sofie Valkiers, Sophia Roe and Blanca Miro, the international influencer campaign was a big success with a total reach of 520k on Instagram.