Orbit Lighting

From analogue to digital with the flip of a switch

By making no concessions in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, ORBIT has become a fast growing innovator within the architectural lighting market. Their range of acoustic and architectural lighting solutions fill a gap within the vast variety of competition, which have made them the ideal partner for various intriguing projects. 

As of now, Nightingale has been recruited to help guide ORBIT into this new digital age, which is steadily growing into new territories. By creating engaging and in-depth content, focussing on a more inspirational and practical approach - instead of tiring readers with technical specs - Nightingale aims to reposition the brand as both an innovative and designal solution to architectural problems. 

Besides the creation of digital content, focus also lies on constant development of social and digital strategies tailored to both relevant social channels such as LinkedIN, Instagram and Facebook, but also exploring new ways of communications with platforms such as Archi Expo and Archiproducts. 

As always, Nightingale goes beyond the traditional approach and aims for a more progressive form of PR and media relations

Next step in professional, digital content
LinkedIN Pulse articles are still relatively new, and sadly not part of the average digital strategies implemented by most digital agencies. As an experimental concept agency, Nightingale connects professionals with the brand through this informative yet inspiring form of communication.
Unmarked territories
With all the focus on social channels, refreshing new roads are left unpaved by the exclusion of digital platforms such as Archi Expo and Archiproducts. By including these into the digital strategy, Nightingale reaches a more diverse demographic.