Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 11.07.2016

Introducing These Cavemen

Interview with Safi Graauw about Chapter IV | High-Stake Hollow

These Cavemen is a creative film collective based in Amsterdam. In collaboration with menswear clothing brands such as Denham and Marc O’ Polo, Safi Graauw, Christiaan Grammer and Boudewijn Grammer make fashion editorials according to their own philosophy. This way they want to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry and lift the blogger world to the next level. 

Through film, photography and poetry, These Cavemen translate their vision on the upcoming fashion seasons in the form of ‘chapters’. The collective sees fashion as a seasonal tool to express style in a timeless, aesthetic and fictional context. Recently the three Cavemen presented their fourth chapter ‘High-Stake Hollow’, a three-minute online video and photo series that showcases their vision for this year’s pre-fall season.

'High-Stake Hollow' narrates the story of a captured protagonist who is guided by a bounty hunter and his complices. After a rough voyage through impressive Spanish landscapes, the protagonist is exchanged with a crew of which the female head will eventually seal his fate. 

The styling of both the set and the attire is inspired by Argentinian Gaucho culture combined with elements that originate from traditional Japanese culture. See the short-film below.

Cavemen - Chapter IV - High Stake Hollow from Cavemen on Vimeo.

Film: These Cavemen | Photography: Marc Haers | Styling: Clyde Semmoh

We talked to founding member Safi Graauw about the incentives of These Cavemen and his vision on the fashion industry, the blogger world and fast-fashion. Safi, what do you want to achieve with These Cavemen?  

Our biggest goal is to change the behaviour towards consumer products. We want consumers to value the products they buy and counter the development of fast fashion chains with an unethical approach. They are comparable to fast food restaurants, where the quality of the food is low and the service is quick. We want to contribute to a society where the quality of products is high and appreciated. This way we hope to contribute to a more sustainable society.

You eventually want to make a long movie out of all the short chapters you have made with These Cavemen. Where does that idea come from?

Well, the idea for a longer movie comes from the possibilities this project is offering us and from our love for fiction. We use film and photography to make fiction tangible. Therefore a longer movie is a logical step for us. The fictional world we explore in the different chapters can be further developed in a longer movie in terms of characters, motives and script. 

In Chapter IV we see a world dominated by men, but in which a female chief has a leading role. This is your way of questioning patriarchal society. Is a critical view on society a recurring element in the different chapters?

In our movies everything is possible. Social criticism can definitely be a recurring element. Our stories keep developing and this leaves some space for discussion. 

These Cavemen can also be seen as a reaction against the sometimes rather shallow blogger world. Did you start the platform because of that belief? 

We think the blogger world often offers easily digestible content. This results in a primitive way of shopping and makes the consumer receptive to the seduction of fast fashion. Just think about the number of pictures on social media that bombard us every day. In our opinion easy-access content (some blogs) enlarges the susceptibility for easy-access clothing (some brands). 

How do you position yourself in the blogger world?

I do not believe that These Cavemen belongs to the blogger or vlogger world. This is clearly seen in the aesthetics and quality of our posts on social media. Bloggers want to get the most followers. This determines the amount of posts they put on social media everyday. This mechanism results in posting cheap content as much possible. We choose not to follow this trend. There is always that one movie or that one picture people remember because of its quality. Quality over quantity, that’s what we stand for.

What are your plans for the future?

At this moment everything is possible, but creativity and collabs are what matters most to us right now. Our goal is to inspire people to choose quality over quantity. In that way we contribute to a new perspective on consumer products. As an earth scientist, I’m convinced that the solutions for our consumption and throw-away society can be found there.

Safi Graauw:
"Our biggest goal is to change the behaviour towards consumer products. We want consumers to value the products they buy and counter the development of fast fashion chains with an unethical approach."