0,0% alc. Belgian beer by Bière Des Amis

06.03.2020 posted in Food & Drinks

A unique process guarantees the taste of real Belgian beer

Nightingale welcomes Bière Des Amis: Belgian beer brewed to share with friends. Far from being brewed only for experienced zythologists, the Bière des Amis beer has been created according to a traditional recipe of a beer with character. Here, no IPA, no fancy tastes, no Guatemalan hops or cask-aged beers…. Only the quality of its 100% Belgian ingredients makes it a beer of tradition, in complete simplicity.

What makes Bière Des Amis so special, is that next to their original 5,8% alcoholic beer, they also offer a 0,0% variant now. No need to say goodbye to beer completely, because the unique process of de-alcoholization guarantees the organoleptic qualities of their original beer. A low pressure under vacuum exerted on the beer allows the alcohol to evaporate at a very low temperature. The assembly ensures a good structure, harmony and balance of the Bière des Amis 0.0%. What more do you wish for in a beer? Soft and mellow, bitter aftertaste and super refreshing.

Thanks to the know-how of the Brewery of Legends, which combines Belgian brewing tradition and a complete mastery of the production process, the Bière des Amis beer will impress you with its character and its easy-to-drink quality.

Cheers to the Bière Des Amis beers! Discover more on www.bieredesamis.be