2020, the year of glowing for Veet

31.03.2020 posted in Beauty

Nightingale welcomes depilatory brand Veet as their new client

Beauty brand Veet offers a wide range of products for women and men’s depilatory routine: from face, underarms, bikini and legs to wax, creams and trimmers. “It’s your body and your choice if, how and when you remove the hair from anywhere on your body. Helping you make the decision that’s right for you” is Veet’s message. Nightingale will help spread their message even further.

For Veet, 2020 is the year of glowing. Whether it’s removing all of your facial hair or letting your leg hair grow, the beauty brand embraces everything and everyone. Veet makes it easier for women and men to stay in control with a range of superior hair-removal solutions to suit different skin types, different styles and different moods. The brand wants to engage with women’s mindset and expectations to give more space to their choices when it comes to body hair and want them to feel good about themselves.

Veet wants to focus this year more on people’s wellness and beauty routine and empower women even more and celebrate skin and body hair by featuring women as they really are. Nightingale is helping the brand achieve that with their PR and communication strategy. Keep an eye out for the Nightingale Open Days to get a first glance at our partnership with Veet.

Take a look at their full range on www.veet.be