8 years of Nightingale in retrospect

08.06.2021 posted in Work

To move forward is to innovate. Yet moving forward is also looking back, learning and reviewing realizations.

Progressive marketing & communication agency Nightingale therefore puts the most memorable projects of its existence in the spotlight again this month. By doing so, we look back on 8 years of innovation, aesthetics and relevance in the field of fashion, food, design & tech. From a vehicle on fire to 3D fashion shows, each year of our existence, Nightingale brought an Open Days project that inspired others to think even bigger. Daring to color outside the lines made each of those realisations into a success.

“The reason we are looking back at 8 years of Nightingale is the current relevance of our past projects. Because of the quick changes in our sector as a result of the pandemic, our innovative realisations from years ago, like the 3D fashion show for example, are still as relevant to our clients, if not even more.” – Stijn Nachtergaele, Chief Visionary Officer & Founder

The Burning Bus: Mobile showroom on fire

In 2014, Antwerp was rocked by The Burning Bus, a smoking American schoolbus with a mobile showroom inside. The bus attracted a large number of curious visitors, and Nightingale thus put itself on the map as a creative communication agency for the first time.

Switch the Channel: Classic TV with a contemporary twist

During the following year’s Open Days, visitors could use Switch The Channel to discover the future of fashion, design and food using their own smartphone as a remote control. ‘Classic TV with a contemporary twist’, good for an FWA award.

URL_IRL: Gallery goes virtual goes physical

In 2016, Nightingale put together a project that blurred the lines between the real and virtual worlds. During Open Days, the virtual gallery that we had created in collaboration with London-based DVTK was made tangible again. With the help of Belgian artist Alexander Stragier, virtual experience was taken to the next level and visitors could manipulate the gallery with their own body movements.

“Today we see big names launching very similar projects, like Virgil Abloh with Off-White, for example. This shows how innovative this concept was 5 years ago and still to this day. That is exactly what we think our role is at Nightingale, in the Benelux and even beyond.” – Mathias Heinrichs, Partner & Chief Operations Officer

Peepshow: Horny for the latest trends

‘Provocatively’ creative, that is how Nightingale brought its Peep Show in 2017. By showcasing its brands and stories in the red-light district, anyone who couldn’t resist could get a glimpse of that year’s food, fashion and design concepts. In collaboration with Lion Beach, the project came to life visually in a 3D atmosphere.



Awake Days: Lifestyle night shop

Awake Days, that was the name of the concept Nightingale introduced in 2018, an ode to night stores. Visitors could learn about the latest brands and projects in a life-sized night store, with visuals by Maxime Fauconnier.

Antidote: Remedy of relevance

A year later, Nightingale went one step further, inviting guests into a futuristic hospital. During Remedy of Relevance, visitors were presented a video about the future of our understanding of space and the relevance of e-commerce, all while wearing a gas mask.

Prophecy: 3D fashion show

2019 was also the year the agency gave life to a true 3D fashion show, an unfortunate prediction of what would become the standard for many fashion brands in 2020.

Drive Thru: Live TV broadcast

During last year’s lockdown, we presented our SS21 collection with a nod to the film classic Back to the Future. Visitors were immersed in a Drive Thru experience from home, learning about all the novelties in fashion, beauty, drinks, automotive and tech.

To this day, Nightingale continues to think ahead about what’s to come. More than ever we need to anticipate the future, so stay ahead and buckle up. We are ready to accelerate. Find out more about 8 years of innovative projects on the Nightingale website and socials as from mid-June.