BULLDOG Gin encourages young creatives to stand out

09.04.2020 posted in Food & Drinks

Nightingale will support BULLDOG London Dry Gin with influencer marketing

Nightingale is excited to announce that BULLDOG London Dry Gin is the newest addition to our client portfolio. We will support the brand with their influencer marketing and spread their story through social media.

BULLDOG Gin was founded in 2007 with the ambition to create the first modern gin with a bold attitude and a smooth taste. BULLDOG is known for its iconic bottle: a refined and modern black bottle – the brightness of the liquid is found within.

BULLDOG encourages everyone to be themselves and stand out from the crowd. This year, with the help of Nightingale, they want to focus on influencers with talent and passion. The brand supports young creatives and wants to give them a platform on Instagram to talk about their story and show the world what they are worth.

The Campari Group

The gin has a smooth taste thanks to the refined distilling process and 12 different botanicals selected from around the world: form lemon and coriander to dragon eye and juniper. Since 2017, BULLDOG is part of the Campari Group. With a portfolio of over 50 premium and super premium brands marketed and distributed in over 190 countries worldwide, the Campari Group is a major player in the global branded beverage industry.

Keep an eye on Instagram @bulldog_gin_be for more exciting content soon and check out www.bulldoggin.com to learn more about the brand.