125 Years Veritas

The Re:Collection Campaign

In 2017, Veritas celebrated its 125th birthday, a milestone that not many brands have passed to this day. Hence, a celebration was in order, which was why Veritas knocked on Nightingale's door for a fitting concept to set off the anniversary year. And thus the RE:Collection campaign was born.

With the tagline 'Discover our past, create the future yourself' Nightingale set the tone for the RE:Collection campaign, which looked back at the brand's long and extensive history. Spread across five periods, the campaign reintegrated iconic trends from those periods and recaptured them in a photoshoot, short video and radio spot (which can be heard here). 


Nightingale was responsible for both the concept, strategy, art direction, branding and communications of the campaign, as well as the implementation of in-store visual merchandising and the organisation of two events for press and staff during the campaign period. 

"Veritas wanted to move towards a new direction, and we were glad that they chose Nightingale for this important milestone," explains Stijn Nachtergaele, founder and creative director at Nightingale. 'With the RE:Collection campaign, we celebrated the brand's 125th birthday, highlighting its unique position in our country and showing that the brand is ready for the future."

The RE:Collection Campaign Shoot
Over the course of five episodes - from 1892, 1920, 1960, 1980 until 2017 - the decor, garments, accessories and patterns change as the viewer travels through time. The photoshoot and short film, created by Nightingale, directed by Marie Wynants & Sam Ostyn and produced by L.A. Initials, were purposely retrospective, but with a contemporary twist.
Radio Commercial
As the message behind the RE:Collection campaign was so nostalgically charged, we felt that it would be a strong gesture to communicate on a more analog medium as well. The commercial would explain the campaign and act as an nationwide incentive to visit the Veritas stores. Nightingale collaborated with sound agency Roundhouse to envision a radio commercial in which the listener would travel through the decades, which was broadcasted on all the major Belgian radio stations. The radio spot heavily invested in capitalising on the emotional value of memories, capturing every period in just a few seconds.
Press Event
To celebrate the launch of the campaign, key members of the Belgian press were invited to a dedicated press event at Café Bozar in Brussels. To create the perfect narrative, Nightingale transformed the decor and told the story of the campaign per style period.
Staff Event
Besides celebrating this important moment with the press, Veritas also wanted to thank their staff. More than 400 staff members attended the party in Vilvoorde, of which the concept and production was handled by Nightingale. The party wouldn't be complete without activations like a beauty corner and a special installation per period. Hostesses were also dressed in thematic outfits inspired by the five dedicated style periods.