Bread & Boxers

The idea for Bread & Boxers was born when founders Alexander Palmgren’s and Henrik Lindahl’s luggage was lost and the only pieces of clothing they had were the ones they were wearing. Amazed by how difficult it was to find decent underwear while traveling, the two friends founded Bread & Boxers in 2009. 

They started out with a program for hotel minibars, offering high-quality underwear and socks for travellers in a tight spot. The brand has since evolved into a complete line of underwear, including tees and tanks for both men and women, and is available in hotels and stores worldwide.

Bread & Boxers was launched during the Nightingale Under Days where press, bloggers, influencers and retailers were introduced to the brand story. By giving the press release a twist in that the basics of Bread & Boxers meant the arrival of the ‘New Sexy’, Nightingale was able to integrate the story into a global trend.

Bread & Boxers offers simpler, better alternatives for everyday basics. Being part of the everyday routine, getting great body wear should be as simple as picking out a loaf of bread. After all, the things we wear everyday matter more than the things we wear only once in a while.