Butch Tailors

Butch Tailors is an authentic pioneering Belgian company founded in 1956 by the Daman family in Liège. Current CEO Dominique Vindevogel took over the company in the nineties and turned it into a success story. 

Butch Tailors exudes high quality with its made-to-measure suits, shirts and more. The designs complement the aspirations of progress-oriented men, both in their professional en private lives. The Travelling Tailors of Butch Tailors guarantee a unique experience by providing renowned international clients with a highly personal made-to-measure wardrobe.

Nightingale is proud to be a strategist and press agent for the concept. Through an overall communication strategy we seek to refine Butch Tailors’ (visual) identity.

We manage press relations, firstly by sending out press releases, both about the brand story and about specific topics to put Butch Tailor forward as a reference in made to measure suits and stylish businessmen. Additionally, we invited Sabato magazine to join us on a press trip to Istanbul where we witnessed meetings with a handful of top clients. Sabato documented the trip in an amazing 5-page spread.

Nightingale helped the company develop a new signature style by adding aquarelle paintings to the company’s presentation. We’re also planning a photo shoot to create new campaign images and are developing a social media strategy and online content platform.