Canon x Maxime Fauconnier Exhibition

A shot of dark

During the AWAKE Open Days, a kick-off event for the FW18 season, Canon wanted to launch the M50 and M100 in a unique way. Together with Belgian photographer Maxime Fauconnier, Nightingale set-up a special exhibition. As an ode to the AWAKE theme, all shots were taken at night time – a moment in which the photographer’s work thrives.

When guests entered the creative workspace, they would immediately arrive at ‘Exhibition Road’, where they were introduced to the concept with the exhibition between Canon and Maxime Fauconnier. This exhibition was heavily inspired by the nightshop culture in Antwerp and Brussels, and shows various conceptual cityscape scenes. 

During the Open Days, press, stylists and influencers were also treated to a demonstration of Canon's connectivity feature, which allows visual content creators to share, send and print their work within seconds. Nightingale handles press relations for the Canon M50 and the Canon M100.