Dallara Stradale

Capturing the essence of speed & Italian mastery


The production of a road car focused on the pleasure of driving has been a long-term career objective for company founder Giampaolo Dallara, a dream realized 45 years after the company’s birth in 1972. On February 14, the Dallara Stradale was finally revealed after two years of waiting, right here in Antwerp at the Museum aan de Stroom. 

Conceived around the notion of rediscovering the real pleasure of driving, the Dallara Stradale is a lightweight, highly customizable sports car utilizing the latest racing car technology derived from Dallara’s experience in motorsport. Add a spoiler to the back, and its downforce is strong enough to let the vehicle drive upside down. 

Nightingale had the opportunity to shoot every angle of this Italian masterpiece and direct a film that demonstrates everything there is to love about this road car. The final film was presented at the Museum aan de Stroom event, together with the premiere of the car.