Esprit SS19

Thinking beyond the concrete jungle and going back to green.

Back in 1968, founders Susie and Doug Tompkins probably would've never imagined that the collection they were selling from the back of their Volkswagen would one day build an empire. 40 years later, Esprit has become a global household name, creating empowering and inspiring collections for women, men and children with the commitment to 'Make Them Feel Good' in order 'To Look Good'.

The first goal that Esprit wants to achieve by 2021 is a growth of 100% in the use of sustainable cotton. In order to take a first step in the right direction, we already find striped dresses and sporty trousers in natural fabrics such as organic cotton for the spring collection, and the new jeans and denim skirts are made of recycled denim. 

In addition to creating a recyclable, timeless collection with pieces that remain relevant for as long as possible, Esprit also invited influential changemakers to express the message in various ways. For example, Anna Sharypova is known for her superfood recipes, which only use plants and vegetables to raise awareness about animal rights and more conscious food. Vincent von Thien tackles it differently, and has been calling attention for years for the plastic-free keeping of our seas and oceans.

Relevance is also an important pillar within the collection. Pieces may be worn for as long as possible, from important essentials to striking pieces such as a power suit in lilac and rosette colors.