Esprit x Craig & Karl

Esprit has always been about inclusivity and embodying who you are as a person, and to take pride in that relentlessly. In honour of this year's Gay Pride - a celebratory day that shines light and excitement on the LGBTQ+ community - Esprit has collaborated with illustrator duo Craig & Karl. The result is a capsule collection that highlights every color and expression within the gamut of a rainbow.

Craig Redman and Karl Maier are an illustration duo who collaborate over the Atlantic, Craig based in New York and Karl in London. Their use of color remains peerless and their aesthetic vernacular is consistent without getting repetitive. Their distinctive graphic visuals and typography have seen them create murals, typefaces, set design, packaging and editorial illustrations for a whole host of high-end clients, publications and brands. Now, they can proudly add Esprit to that rainbow of color & excitement. 

The collaboration sports socks, shirts, pants, sandals and everything else you could imagine."Our collection celebrates Pride and spreads a message of diversity, connectedness and solidarity. We chose a palette of rainbow colors because it conveys a symbolic message and brings together a community, celebrates already fought rights and simply represents joy - be brave, be intelligent, be who you want to be," says the design duo Craig & Karl about the joint effort.

In honor of this special collaboration, Nightingale started with a press trip to Paris, where the collection was presented in full to the European press. Later this year, Nightingale will also develop a special local campaign and press activation during the Gay Pride, starring the Belgian stars of this community.

What's the full extent of LGBTQ+?
LGBTQ + stands for the acceptance of all sexual orientations: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, queer or straight - a worthy celebration of all life, regardless of who you love.
Support of the Ali Forney Center
As part of the collaboration, Esprit and Craig & Karl support the Ali Forney Center in New York with 12,500 meals. The community center helps homeless LGBTQIAA+ young people to build a new life away from the street. Four young people from the Ali Forney Center are part of the campaign.