FashionTech Berlin

"Retail will become a medium, and passers-by become participants"

On the 5th of July, Nightingale Antwerp & Berlin showcased new retail solutions at the #Retailtech Space during this year's FashionTech Berlin. Nightingale was proud to have welcomed hundreds of visitors to their 'Concept Store of the Future' exhibition in just one day, which housed both the Switch the Channel and Audio Trend Corners experiences. 


For Switch The Channel, 9 tailor-made television channels broadcasted about fashion, food, design, trends and even brought fair attendees and the people at home live updates from our exhibition at FashionTech and our office in Berlin. 

“Retailers must look for new ways to engage their audience," explains Stijn Nachtergaele, founder of Nightingale. "The rapid pace of streaming and digital media will force traditional stores to change their strategy. This new, digital interaction with consumers makes them participants rather than mere bystanders”.

Jan Schoper, head of Nightingale Berlin, goes even further: “Providing on- and offline platforms for consumers to interact with brands and retailers is key. Ultimately, we will see that consumers will become protagonists, shaping the future of products and brands.” “In the same way, retailers will simultaneously have to profile themselves as media platforms, creating their own branded media content. Switch the Channel demonstrates what a retailer could look like as content creator”, says Nachtergaele.


As another part of their exhibition, Nightingale also presented their Audio Trend Corners, in which the concept agency shared their vision on in-store assistance. 
“Consider this an accessible way to a virtual assistant in-store. Through sensory tokens, a computerised voice starts to explain the trends of the season when you approach the installation. We were inspired by devices such as Amazon Echo and the Apple HomePod”, says Nachtergaele. 

Switch the Channel
Nightingale and Gents, a digital agency, created the concept, where passers-by were given a code to turn their smartphone into a remote control and this way tap into the broadcasting platform themselves and provide their own content. Revisit the experience and tune in on nine tailor made channels by Nightingale:
Audio Trend Corners
Brands are no longer presented separately, but combined to tell a story. Upcoming seasonal trends were made interactive through 4 multi-brand trend corners - the so called Audio Trend Corners - with audio assistance (recorded by sound agency Roundhouse).