Swedish excellence based on heritage craftsmanship and forward-thinking innovation.

During our Open Days, we seldom solely focus on the brands that we already represent. These days are about experiences, surprises and proving that Nightingale is, in fact, different and - dare we say - experimental. This also means introducing journalists to completely new brands. Fogia was that brand during the ANTIDOTE 2X19 edition. 

The Swedish-based furniture brand is no stranger to the design world. Fogia has been creating artisan products for 37 years. Thanks to their relentless effort to balance quality, emotion and technical know-how, Fogia's designs have stood the test of time. 

The fact that every piece of furniture exudes character has much to do with the combination of traditional, traditional techniques matched with advanced and innovative technologies. This combination of looking forward while respecting the past has much to do with the success of the brand.

Excited for the chance to improve the awareness of the brand in Belgium, Nightingale created an interesting dynamic between their current portfolio and the way it interacted with the new Fogia collection. This was apparent from the response during the ANTIDOTE 2X19 Open Days. Furthermore, Nightingale sent out press releases to key journalists and stylists to generate a second wave of awareness.