House of Heach

A spectacle of 90's opulence

A Silvian Heach woman is known for her good taste and enjoys quality products, combined with a strong passion for attention to detail. Bold characterisation that is reflected in the store fit-outs, as well as in the ADV images with their strong evocative power. 

The great attention to detail in terms of communication and the fashion on offer are the expression of the constant desire to stay close to the needs of the female target, to help them identify with the brand and make shopping time a truly gratifying experience.

To create brand awareness and introduce the brand to the Belgian market, Nightingale transformed the castle of Hof ter Linden into a glamorous scenery where you could discover the brand's newest collections. Ballrooms, masks, secret spaces and exquisite were set in an ambiance of 90's opulence. 

Shhh... The silence room
In a quiet room, the newest collections of Silvian Heach, inspired by many cultures from around the world, were presented. Visitors could take their time to discover the designs and feel the fabrics.
Secret room
In the secret room, visitors could spot the highlights of the new Silvian Heach collections. A diverse selection of styles was presented with pajama suits, satin bombers and lace tops as notable statement-pieces.
Everything was illuminated
Impressive dynamic projections, made by visual agency Lion Beach, adorned the castle of Hof ter Linden.
Elegance meets mystery
Hof ter Linden was the perfect scenery for some 90's opulence, where elegance and mystery could easily meet.
Hosted by Bible of Fashion
Host of the evening was Julie from Bible of Fashion, who interviewed Silvian Heach's head of styling Gianfranco Vitale.
Mysterious Masks
There is no better accessory than a mysterious mask made of gold. When entering the House of Heach, visitors received a mask that allowed them to discover all the secretive corners of the castle in an anonymous way.