KAAI Brand Identity

After gathering in-depth insights from active women and their relationships with their bags, the founders of KAAI found that women are irritated by the chaos in their fashionable but often unpractical handbags yet bored with the looks of their “masculine” workbags. 

In an attempt to bring practicality and sophisticated femininity together, they decided to create a new bag concept for women on the go. With an eye for detail, superior materials and a multi-purpose design, a KAAI bag not only holds your stuff: it carries your life. To reflect this combination of practicality and sophistication, Nightingale started the KAAI project by helping them develop a fitting art direction, logo and brand concept. 

Nightingale developed the branding & concept for the brand and handles their progressive PR and media relations in Belgium. In August, the brand will launch their showroom, after which they will release their first set of handbags in September.