KOMONO Marine Collection Launch

A tale of two cities

Fresh off the opening of their fourth store in Amsterdam – the brand already had flagship stores in Brussels, Antwerp and Tokyo – Belgian accessories brand KOMONO celebrates the launch or their new Marine collection in a big way. With two events in both Amsterdam and Antwerp, the event penetrated the Benelux market as a way to kick-off the spring/summer season.

Komono, meaning 'small accessories in Japanese, is internationally well-known for their range of minimalistic watches and sunglasses."We started as a brand built on passion, a shared passion for accessible luxury where the perfect timing and vision acts as our motivation,' shares co-founder Anton Janssens in an interview dating back March 2017. 'Through a network of relationships and celebrating the creativity of others we aim to organically build awareness for the brand through key events and storytelling.’

Location wise, Nightingale deliberately chose to surprise guests and create a setting different from the usual in-store launch. The launch took place at the Looiersgracht 60, an exhibition center for art, design and architecture. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s 19th-century industrial area, this former cardboard and bottling plant evolved into a dynamic space. The space has more in common with the Komono’s DNA than you would think. It's raw and minimalistic, with an interesting history and dedicated to art and architecture. 

For the scenography, the concept agency tapped into the blue Marine theme by using elements such as foil-covered mirrors, fluorescent lights, window stickers and Plexiglas in various blue hues. Scaffolding, flyposting and Yton elements were used to mimic a raw & contemporary ambiance, amidst which the new Marine collection would be presented on the signature Komono modules. 

Besides concept and scenography, Nightingale also arranged the entertainment acts.  Visitors at the Amsterdam event were treated to a live set by DJ Kajan Chow and duo Kraak & Smaak.