Level-Up Exhibition

Nightingale introduced 30 brands, concepts and designs to selected journalists during the press days both in Antwerp and Brussels. With its Level-Up Exhibition, the experimental marketing agency put the focus on performance, photography, installation and video when present in Brussels.

Next to Nightingale’s partners and brands, other projects such as Limen Visual, A Polaroid Story and Nightingale’s own photo exhibition turned FIRMA, a new public space dedicated to creating and making in Vilvoorde, into more than a showroom. 

Own magazine | A Paper Exhibition
For the occasion we created our own printed magazine. Instead of handing journalists a pile of press releases or a USB stick they would lose anyway, we bundled all the info into a true collector's item.
Own photoshoot | Androgynous Alienation
For a number of our fashion clients we thought out a concept to introduce their SS16 connection in a unique way. We did our own photoshoot with fashion photographer Sofie Coreynen and created the 'Androgynous Alienation' theme. The photos were on display during our Level-Up Exhibition and printed in our magazine.
Own get-together for A-list journalists | Private dinner by Blend
For the occasion we invited 20 selected journalists of the best Belgian magazines (both online and offline) to a private dinner, catered by Blend.
Own art installation | by Limen Visual
To add some more flavor to our Level-Up Exhibition and its art-theme we asked upcoming Belgian artist Alexander Stragier to create an installation specifically for our Open Days. The result is a combination of movement, interactivity and light.