Morobé FW18









Based in Antwerp, Morobé is made for women who long for contemporary elegance and street couture. “With Morobé, we base our outfits on our shoes, not the other way around”. Morobé’s world combines bohemian vibes with rock & roll, giving it a unique and powerful image.The brand was founded in 2015 and is inspired by the key words ‘Rime and Rove’. Virginie Morobé, designer and owner, feels these words express perfectly how she has grown over the years.



‘Rime’ refers to an evolving state of being: “This new shoe brand is a more mature, more complete version of who I am. During my cre- ative process, I remain very aware of my inner self. I trust my gut instinct. I suppose this is the rock and roll side of me. For me, it’s about never allowing yourself to stand still.”

The word ‘Rove’ stands for traveling, connecting with different cultures. “Being creative means getting inspired by everything, everywhere. All you have to do is open your mind and allow yourself to see things differently. It’s about enjoying life and daring to stand out. This appeals to the bohemian inside of me”. 



Not only did Nightingale design the brand's visual identity, logo and catalogue, as we were also responsible for the launch event and the direction of the campaign shoot. Furthermore Nightingale handles all of the brand's media relations, progressive PR, communication strategy.