Movies Gent puts the emphasis on denim

The iconic denim shop <ahref="https:"" mnl="" "="">Movies, located in Ghent, got new owners in 2016 after thirty years. The original owner, Albrecht Steel, handed over the store to Philip & Nathalie De Hauwere of the fashion family company Tiffanys & Trent. They approached Nightingale to develop a progressive interior story for Movies.

The authentic, Twin Peaks-inspired design was a source of inspiration for the new store: the design is infused with ethnic and rustic influences, but with an experimental approach. For example, a Canadian canoe was sawn in half and turned into display furniture and visual artist Stien Bekaert upgraded the fitting rooms with her indigo artwork.

In addition to the redesign, Nightingale also invited a select audience of press and influencers to discover the innovations first-handed during the store launch of the new Movies. For the occasion, stylists Leonie and Lois from Utrecht turned old jeans into bow ties in their mobile Spijkerbrij factory.