Mr. Blue by Butch Tailors

Butch Tailors has been manufacturing quality garments since 1956. The family who originally founded the brand then later sold the brand in the nineties to Dominique Vindevogel. Vindevogel, who used to be a shampoo salesman, reinnovated the brand after being inspired by his friend and diamantaire Ashit Metha, who adviced him to travel the world and visit people personally. 

This advice was the pinacle idea that formed the most unique part about the brand: the flying tailor concept. Years later, to immortalise all his aneckdotes, know-how and advice, Dominique Vindevogel launched his book on the importance of a well-tailored suit: Mr. Blue. A satorial guide for the modern nomadic gentleman. Much more than a what-to-wear guide, the book covers Vindevogel’s sartorial experiences through his personal stories, favourite locations and unique tailoring tips in over more than 70 pages.

Nightingale was responsible for conceptualisation of the book, international press relations and the organisation of the launch event in London. 

Aquarelle drawings
The entire guide is beautifully illustrated with nothing but aquarelle drawings, which makes this an absolute collector’s item and reference book for the 21st century gentleman.
Launch in The Arts Club
The launch of Mr. Blue took place in The Arts Club, an exclusive institution in the Londoner Mayfair area. It is no coincidence that the launch event was located near the famous Savile Row, known for its many bespoke tailoring services. Couture is after all Dominique Vindevogel's core business.
The Story Continues
As part of a larger strategy, the book launch in London was only the first phase. To bring the stories of the flying tailor to a bigger audience, Nightingale and Dominique Vindevogel collaborated once again for the second phase: a six month social campaign adding an extra dimension to the stories of Mr. Blue. Follow Dominique Vindevogel on LinkedIN and experience how the story unravels...