Nightingale AWAKE Days

The 4PM to Midnight Mentality

For every season of our Open Days, Nightingale aims to communicate a message that makes people think. The FW18 season is no different. After an accumulation of information gathered from trend lectures, case studies and our personal experience in retail, we came to the realization that brick-and-mortar retail hasn’t adapted to the daily life of the average person

“Stores are open when people are at work, and close before most of us leave the office,” explains Stijn Nachtergaele, founder of Nightingale. “This creates a lot of missed opportunities, and further powers the argument for online shopping." 

With the idea that physical stores will have to adapt in order to compete with online retailers, the creative team at Nightingale looked at these 24/7 convenience stores for inspiration. To start, Nightingale worked together with Studio Biesmans to create a temporary nightshop inside their creative space, surrounded by an emulated outside area that included a parking lot and outside gym area. All housed within the 650m2 workspace, every portfolio brand was visually merchandised in a manner that fitted the concept. 

To challenge the status quo, we went even further and shifted the opening hours of the FW18 Open Days and opened our doors at 4PM, only to close them at midnight. This made it possible for everyone to visit the AWAKE Days, and put us outside of the opening hours of competing agencies. At the end of the two day run, Nightingale celebrated the closure of the FW18 Nightshop with the AWAKE at Night afterparty.

Exhibition Road
When guests entered the creative workspace, they would immediately arrive at ‘Exhibition Road’, where they were introduced to the concept with the exhibition between Canon and Maxime Fauconnier. This exhibition was heavily inspired by the nightshop culture in Antwerp and Brussels, and shows various conceptual cityscape scenes.
Outdoor Urban Area
Graphic elements like street signs, flyposting and road surface markings, as well as two parked MINI cars and the Nightshop-inspired installation created the illusion of entering an outdoor urban area. Street signs like ‘Cellular Lane’ and ‘East Fallwinter Street’ make references to a branded future, but still create a certain partiality.
Inside the Nightshop
Once inside the AWAKE installation, a combination of food, design and fashion portfolio brands like Size?, IZIPIZI, Samsøe & Samsøe and Rains were displayed on aluminum clothing racks and shelve displays. Guests were able to try certain products, such as Vitamin Well AWAKE drinks, Fulfil protein bars and ProperCorn popcorn.
West Parking Street & Point Break Avenue
Part of the urban outdoor area included a gym area, teasing client Sportclub het Eiland's first outdoor gym in Belgium called Point Break, as well as a parking lot with two MINI's parked inside the showroom.
Cellular Lane
As part of the Press Tour section of the program, Nightingale presented five new Nokia smartphones. This was the first time all new models were presented together after the premiere in Barcelona.
Creators Boulevard
In collaboration with Canon, Nightingale created a special corner where guests were introduced to two new Canon mirrorless camera's. Part of the demonstration was to show how people could take photos at the exhibition and seamlessly connect with the Canon printers to immediately print their creation as a memorabilia.
AWAKE At Night Afterparty
To celebrate the conclusion of the Open Days, Nightingale shut down the temporary pop-up store installation with the "AWAKE AT NIGHT" after party. Besides a curated playlist by Charlotte Adigéry of WWWaters and DJ sets by KEVIN KOFII, Sam Ostyn and Sven Mes, Nightingale also collaborated with other brands to keep the party alive and awake.
Nightingale x Vitamin Well
A special collaboration between Nightingale and Vitamin Well was released during the AWAKE party. The rhubarb and raspberry drink was named after the event, and later released in the AWAKE store.