Antwerp & Brussels

Nightingale Closed Days

Stepping away from the Open Days turmoil in a unique way

This season, Nightingale released a letter in which we announced to our network that we would not be organizing our Open Days. The news was received with a lot of confusion, as our open days were always key moments to show our While it might have seemed that Nightingale remained absent from the Open Days turmoil, another narrative took place behind the scenes.

With the intent of creating an in-depth dialogue and focus on delivering tailor-made stories to journalists and stylists, Nightingale took a step away from one of the most traditional moments in PR and created their own experimental approach. In Antwerp, Nightingale organized the Stylist days, for which we personally invited key Belgian stylists to discover the SS18 collections at our showroom on November 7th and 8th. This gave us the chance to focus on one-on-one moments where we would explain more about the underlying story of each collection and concept. With this same mission, Nightingale also hosted the Supper Club, an informal dinner experience organized for key members of the press, both in Antwerp and Brussels.

For the Supper Club, Nightingale gathered the newest stories of our brands and created a small booklet of conversation cards, which highlighted all the relevant press angles per brand. Throughout three courses, the Nightingale team created one-on-one moments with over 40 journalists from different fields of expertise, in which they pitched these stories and engaged with their network on an interpersonal level. To set the tone, Nightingale collaborated with Suntapes on a live performance combining color-driven visuals and ambient music, architecting a different atmosphere and emotion per course. 

Visuals by Maxime Fauconnier.

Letter to our Network
In a letter to our network, we adressed the ever growing Open Days turmoil, and how this season Nightingale would not be part of it in order to reconnect and re-engage with our network. Word spread quickly, and reactions to the letter were polarising.
The Stylist Days
On the 7th & 8th of November, Nightingale presented their reimmagination of the modern showroom to a selection of key Belgian stylists. Showcasing a unique approach to styling and routing, guests were able to discover a more curated version of the SS18 collections at the Nightingale Workspace. Stylists who showed up included those representing titles such as Marie Claire, Knack Weekend, Feeling, NINA, Flair,...
Supper Club in Antwerp & Brussels
A private dining concept for key members of the press, hosted in the Nightingale workspace in Antwerp and the CAB private contemporary art centre in Brussels. Through various elements, ranging from food to live music performances and color-driven cinematic projections, different atmospheres were created to showcase the importance of emotional architecture.
Creative Exchanges
For the Stylist Days and Supper Club, Nightingale collaborated with Verilin & Valerie Objets as part of their Creative Exchange initiative, in which the creative agency provides exposure on multiple platforms in return for products and services from their side.
On The Menu
Spread throughout three courses, editors were introduced to Zappore, a new Italian delivery food concept, who provided catering for the Supper Club.
Suntapes Musical Live Performance
During the dinner, guests experienced a live music performance combined with live visual art that was composed according to the mood of the dinner. The performance demonstrated Nightingale’s vision that emotion will become ‘the new currency of experience’ in days and years to come.
Digital Storytelling
Through digital tools and social platforms, Nightingale expanded its narrative into a more immersive experience, creating visually appealing Instagram Stories, LinkedIN Pulse articles, teasers on Facebook and strong storytelling.
Nightingale 'Closed Edition' Magazine SS18
For the fifth time in a row, we created our own Nightingale magazine. Each client is represented throughout 40 beautifully designed pages filled with unique editorial content. This way we can keep spreading our clients' stories, even if you did not have the opportunity to visit our Open Days. Read it here: