Nightingale Concept Store

Revisiting this season's Open Days

On the 26th and 27th of April Nightingale welcomed over 200 creatives and professionals to our headquarters, which was fully transformed for the occasion. As a select group of journalists, national press, stylists, influencers and other creative professionals walked through our doors, we aimed to answer one simple question: what would the concept store of the future look like?

Over the course of two days we presented over 30 national and international brands within this interactive and futuristic concept store. Through four different trend stories – all combining food, fashion, design and retail in their own unique approach – we offered an update on each of our client’s brand stories.

Think of trends like Edgy Underground, where we relive the 90s Grunge scene as if Kurt Cobaine was standing right in front of us. Retro Sportswear looks at how streetwear is no longer frowned upon, but an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. Military influences are the driving force behind the Perfect Performance trend, where earthy tones, high tech, all-weather materials and camouflage prints reign supreme. Then there is Revival of the Golden State, which centres around the comeback of disco, debauchery and Donna Summer. This time around, however, both fits and patterns are more flattering and the materials breathable.

It truly was an experimental and unconventional way to experience what it is that we do, what we have done and what we are about to do.

Trend Corner
Brands are no longer presented separately, but combined to tell a story. Spread throughout four multi-brand trend corners we aim to inspire stylists, journalists and influencers during our Open Days.
Experimental Concept Bar
A cocktail of brands were represented at our experimental concept bar, where we served our guests everything from ice cold beers, punch-in-the-face gin mixes and refreshing Strongbow cocktails.
Flavour Concentration Booths
Solo dining is becoming a huge food trend worldwide. The goal is to focus on the flavour and nothing else, creating a somewhat meditative experience. We created our own concentration flavour booths with our food brands to give the guests a unique food tasting experience.
Interactive ‘Switch the Channel’ Experience
Gents created an award-winning experience for Nightingale that activated guests to create their own content. With ‘Switch the Channel’, visitors were able to create their own content using their phones as a remote control. Revisit the experience and tune in on nine tailor made channels by Nightingale:
Nightingale eMag
For the fourth time in a row we created our own Nightingale magazine. Each client is represented throughout 30 beautifully designed pages filled with unique editorial content. This way we can keep spreading our clients' stories, even if you did not have the opportunity to visit our Open Days. Read it here: