Amsterdam & Antwerp

Nokia 8 Launch

The launch of a new icon


Nokia had its rise of the phoenix moment this year, with a comeback set in stone. Not only was the re-release of their iconic 3110 in perfect timing with how the Nostalgia Trend has been evolving, but the rollout of the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 have definitively brought them back on the radar. This build-up all lead to the release of the Nokia 8, and Nightingale is proud to have assisted Nokia with the launch of these releases. 

Spread across the Benelux, Nightingale launched the Nokia 8 in both Antwerp and Amsterdam, introducing the flagship device to over 300 influencers, journalists and professionals, discovering the three fully fledged interactive installations that explain the story behind the innovative features of this device. Hosted at prime locations such as the Westergasfabriek and Designcentre winkelhaak, guests were met with the mesmerising Infinity Space, the immersive OZO Sound room and showing off the phone's exclusive Dual Sight feature: the #Bothie booth.

Adapting a hybrid concept, Nightingale created both the concept, scenography and spatial design of this event, and additionally handled all communications and media relations for the Benelux market. To expand on the momentum created by the launch event, Nightingale also adviced Nokia to seed their new mobile device to influencers during fashion week. Find out more about this successful global influencer campaign here.


Infinity Space
The first experience: a mirrored space that harnessed the intense repetition of infinity, seen through the (ZEISS) lens of the Nokia 8.
360 OZO Sound Room
A fully immersive, cinematic sound experience powered by Nokia’s OZO spatial 360° Audio, assisted by visuals surrounding the listeners.
Bothie Booth
A photobooth where visitors could enter together and shoot a #Bothie recording, a seamless experience capturing both sides of the full picture.