Antwerp / Amsterdam


“In Western society, most people are overfed, but undernourished”



PACK’D is a new Belgian based vitamin service that offers a daily dose of essentials. Nightingale was brought on board to create awareness surrounding the new subscription service. Potential new clients are targeted through advertisements and topical communication campaigns. 


While society grows more conscious in terms of health in both body and mind, the supplement market has yet to catch up with this trend. Yes, there’s an abundance of choices. So much that finding the right combination of supplements becomes a time-consuming task. To simplify the process, David Box and Kristof Pirijns of PACK’D collaborated with the best nutritionists in Belgium to develop a curation of daily essentials to optimize your health.

"In Western society, most people are overfed but undernourished," shares David. It’s a one-liner that poignantly explains the current state of society. More so, it’s a reflection of the Burgundian lifestyle that admittedly has a grasp on all of us. “Now I don’t condemn that. We all have those moments where we grab a beer and enjoy a good meal. With PACK’D, our mission is basically the same as it was when I opened The Brick a few years ago: to take something as unsexy and complicated as a gym or supplements and make it more sophisticated.”


Press Launch
In August 2018, Nightingale launched PACK'D amongst the Belgian press landscape and introduced health and food editors to the Essentials Box. David Box and Kristof Pirijns were present, as well as the brand's ambassadors. Located at Hotel Pilar, the healthy press lunch event was a great success that propelled the brand in the Belgian market.