PACK'D Digital Campaigns

Fight the feeling with the newest vitamin subscription.

PACK’D is a new Belgian based supplement service that offers a daily dose of essentials. Nightingale was brought on board to create engaging and informative content from scratch, positioning the brand online and managing the website and social handlers.

Content is meant to engage and feel unique. Together with the brand, Nightingale creates a digital narrative on both their social platforms and website through self written, designed and photographed content, to even creating engaging vertical videos that drive traffic and engagement. 

For existing fans of the brand, the strategy is based on being both informative and entertaining, without losing the premium identity. Potential new clients are targeted through advertisements and an supporting PR campaign.

Autumn Blues Campaign
The phenomenon, better known as the Autumn Blues, is a problem everyone faces from October to January. Fortunately, it's something that can easily be avoided with the help of vitamins, which was why Nightingale and PACK'D rose to the occasion to promote the benefits of their vitamin subscription.
Christmas Edition Campaign
At the end of 2018, consumers are already reviewing their year, but in the meantime, they're also looking for the ideal Christmas gifts for friends and family. That's why PACK'D launched a special edition of their Essentials Box, right in time for the holiday season. Nightingale developed accompanying communication & digital content campaign.
Detox Campaign
A new year means a new beginning, and that always motivates that extra boost. The gyms are full, we eat healthier and smoke less. Only: statistics show that 90% of the people have already given up good intentions before the end of January. To support the continuity of these good intentions, new Belgian based vitamin service PACK'D played into this momentum and raised awareness surrounding their Essentials Box.
IG Story Production
Beyond campaigns, Nightingale also created topical and instructional IG stories, which were later highlighted to create a social manual. Followers were able to understand how the Dawn and Dusk package work and informed about news like the new Christmas Edition of the Essentials box.