Parcify Digital Campaign

Repositioning the disruptive courier service as a solution-oriented lifestyle brand

In Belgium alone, 70% of all consumers has bought something online in the last 4 months, a number which has grown in the recent decade by 18%. But while the experience of online shopping seems to improve every year, we’re stuck with the same system of delivery – one that hasn’t evolved with to the changing landscape. Thus, when Parcify, a flexible courier service, approached Nightingale to help create awareness, our answer was short and simple: reposition yourself as a solution-oriented lifestyle brand.

The campaign to transform Parcify was two-sided. First, the focus of narrative on social media was shifted from them explaining how their system works to how it could change your life. Second, Nightingale produced a digital short film that positioned them as a lifestyle brand. Leading up to the rollout of the "#DeliveredByParcify" campaign film, Nightingale created a digital strategy with custom content to slowly help Parcify's audience get used to the transition.

Nightingale firmly believes that visual content is of great importance to get the message across owned media. The shots are esoteric, moody and cinematographic with the general feeling being fashionable, yet accessible and contemporary. The brooding rhythm of the soundtrack ‘Similarities’ of the Belgian band Felix Pallas complements this vibe. The two recording locations - Fosbury & Sons as creative coworking space and Bar Rodin as intimate bar - enhanced the storyline seamlessly. 

For over two weeks, the digital campaign was seen by more than 160K people, with engagement levels and website visits raising through the roof. The successful campaign resulted in the final push for Parcify towards an acquisition by bpost, Belgium's main postal delivery service, and CEO Patrick Leysen was made vice-president of bpost's Future Lab, the new innovation department within bpost.