polette Brussels Launch

"When we started out, we made an attempt at making fashionable, designer -level glass accessible," founder Pauline Cousseau explains about the mission Polette set out back in 2011. Since their humble beginnings, starting with a dollar and a dream in Asia, they've managed to open multiple entry points into their brand universe. Their latest addition: their first store in Belgium, located in Brussels.

Under the moniker of a 'Connected Showroom', the fashion-centered eyewear brand has slowly been opening store after store focused on the strong connection between off- and online. 

Upon entering these showrooms, people can try on one of their 800 glasses and explore what fits them best. After finding a match, you can get your eyes measured and scan the glasses, then buy them online. Afterwards, there's no need to come back, as these will automatically be shipped to your home. 

Nightingale handles the event production and progressive communications of the brand.