PUMA Antwerp Launch

The cat is out of the cage


Since its notorious start in 1948, the brand has evolved into a footwear empire. With Rihanna appointed as their creative director and talented artists such as Cara Delevigne, The Weeknd and Selena Gomez leading the way, #TeamPuma is shaping itself to become a leading brand for the urban community. 

To celebrate the momentum, PUMA returned to Antwerp with a new flagship store, which officially opened on October 13th. The 120m2  retail space offers a broad selection of sneakers, apparel and accessories, including the iconic PUMA Suede, their new Basket Heart and Ignite Limitless. 

In addition to leading the communication and media relations of this highly anticipated event, Nightingale supervised and executed the event production, organising a brand activation, performance and built a wireframe installation custom crafted for the event, where people could grab a drink and enjoy Vietnamese streetfood. 

As scenography and emotional architecture are always essential to the atmosphere of a Nightingale event, the agency adorned this lounge area with neon lighting, creating a high-tech, futuristic aesthetic. 


City Advertising
Before and during the launch of the store, Nightingale communicated the comeback city-wide through channels like wildpostering and transit advertising.
Musical performances
Besides an enigmatic DJ set by Danga, which was perfectly in tune with PUMA's brand identity, attendees were treated to a performance by up and coming singer / rapper TheColorGrey.
Custom Wireframe Installation
As the PUMA store could only fit 60 people, Nightingale built a special wireframe installation/space hybrid to extend the party to outside, custom made for the event. This lounge area fitted a bar, standing tables and enhanced the overall scenography of the event.