PUMA Suede 50th Anniversary

The celebration of an icon


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of PUMA's iconic Suede model, the sportswear brand launched a dedicated campaign worldwide with various new collaborations and interpretations  In Antwerp, Nightingale translated this worldwide phenomenon to a local event activation that set the tone for the next five decades.   

After half a century, the Suede remains an unwavering contrast, not faltering to trends or shifting tendencies. Since its inception into culture, the Suede grew from the performance sneaker for tennis icons to the go-to sneaker for b-boys and hip-hopheads. 

At the event, customers that bought their own pair of PUMA Suede's were able to make it completely their own with in-store customization by NHN Customs, and furthermore guests were treated to a live dance-off performance at the end of the night. Music was very important, which was why Nightingale also arranged a line-up of two of the newest, upcoming DJ's in the Antwerpian cityscape. During the build-up to the event, the agency was also responsible for the social media content creation and communication.

The event activation, for which Nightingale created the concept and handled both the complete event production and communication responsibility, was a success in footfall and on social media. In the mere four hours of the event, over 1500 visitors celebrated this milestone. On only the evening itself, the activation resulted in a total social reach of 400K. 


As the PUMA store could only fit 60 people, Nightingale built a special wireframe installation/space hybrid to extend the party to outside, custom made for the event. This lounge area was decorated with PUMA Suedes and enhanced the overall scenography of the event.
With live in-store sneaker customization, visitors were able to add subtle touches, creating their own story with the iconic Suede as a canvas.
Live DJ-Set & Performances
Besides an enigmatic DJ set by Kevin Koffi and MNKY, which was perfectly in tune with PUMA's brand identity, attendees were treated to a live dance-off performance by a local b-boy dance crew.