RAINS Store Launch

The weather forecast for this case: lighting fast media relations and video production

Going five out of five, Nightingale experienced a hectic week with a surpluss of events on the schedule. As cherry on top of the cake, the agency welcomed back one of their older clients RAINS in a spectacular fashion, assisting them in the launch of the store, media relations and production of the store launch recap video.

Based on an early initiative to reinterpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way, the Danish RAINS has grown into an accomplished international rainwear brand. Along with reinventing the classic raincoat in various unique colours, RAINS offers a recognisable and unique line of waterproof bags and accessories meticulously designed to both shelter and adorn.

Following the launch of two new retail locations in Europe, RAINS decided on Nightingale to assist them in the launch of their first flagship store in Belgium. Located on the Kammenstraat in the center of Antwerp, the store will be surrounded by the city’s atmospheric, cultural environment and burgeoning fashion scene. 

Nightingale was responsible for inviting key influencers and members of the press, as well as communicating and teasing the launch through social media. Additionally, a recap video of the event was also created in-house, truly demonstrating the versatility of Nightingale in 2017.