RAINS Store Launch

After Antwerp, Nightingale and RAINS once again join forces to open another European flagship.

After Nightingale welcomed back RAINS earlier this year with the launch of their Antwerp store, we were ready for round two with the launch of their new concept store in Amsterdam. Once again, the popular rainwear brand has decided on a burgeoning shopping street as the location of their next flagship, although this time in the bustling Haarlemmerstraat.

Based on an early initiative to reinterpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way, the Danish RAINS has grown into an accomplished international rainwear brand with a rapid expansion of stores across the world. Along with reinventing the classic raincoat in various unique colors, RAINS offers a recognizable and unique line of waterproof bags and accessories meticulously designed to both shelter and adorn.

Following the launch of three new retail locations in Europe, RAINS once again chose Nightingale as their agency for the launch of their first store in the Netherlands, slowly taking over the Benelux. Located in the burgeoning Jordaan district of Amsterdam, right in the middle of the Haarlemmerstraat, the Rains store finds itself surrounded by the best atmospheric concept stores and essential hotspots the Netherlands has to offer.

Nightingale was in charge of inviting members of the press and key influencers, along with taking care of all communications and posting teasers on social media. For the recap video of the store opening, Nightingale teamed up with These Cavemen, a filmic, photographic and literary platform based in Amsterdam. In a cinematic way, the atmosphere of the Rains store slowly uncovers, of which the result can be seen above. 

Visuals by Tijs Vervecken.