The launch of a new sportswear brand, made in Belgium

Sportswear for women, celebrating the duality in every woman. With this idea, the Liebaert family started thinking about how they could apply their 13 decades of experience in product design and textile innovation into a brand that truly felt like their own. The breakthrough came when the youngest daughter of the family - Camille Liebaert - was brought into the process, adding a contemporary perspective. And thus RectoVerso was born. 

For Nightingale, the challenge was simple: there was a brand name, and a logo design. But with no experience in brand repositioning, art direction or marketing, Liebaert looked at the Benelux agency to help them launch and communicate the brand in Belgium. Additional tasks like art direction, decisions in branding strategy, content creation and creating a communication strategy were also included in this brand exercise.

The communication strategy created by Nightingale acted twofold: one as a means to engage journalists to spread the word in magazines, but also to communicate directly to the consumer through social media. 

After a press trip to Marrakech to introduce the brand, which coincided with the lookbook and campaign production, Nightingale managed to sustain a momentum that would live beyond the launch of the brand's website in March and pop-up store one month later in April. 

More on the case study for the RectoVerso's pop-up store soon.

Branding & Art Direction by Nightingale
Beyond developing an internal document for branding and art direction, Nightingale designed the packaging and corporate identity for RectoVerso.
Campaign for Collection One
In March, under the moniker of Collection One, the collection and three sublabels were teased and communicated through social media and the press. For this collection, Nightingale produced and directed the lookbook and campaign imagery in Marrakech.