RectoVerso Pop-Up

Bringing the RectoVerso Universe to life

After the launch of the website and first collection - simply labeled Collection One - Nightingale once again went to the drawing board to assist RectoVerso for the launch of their first pop-up store. Handling the interior, strategy and communication of the pop-up, Nightingale shaped the way people would experience the store in real life. 


Sportswear for women, celebrating the duality in every woman. With this idea, the Liebaert family started thinking about how they could apply their 13 decades of experience in product design and textile innovation into a brand that truly felt like their own. The breakthrough came when the youngest daughter of the family - Camille Liebaert - was brought into the process, adding a contemporary perspective. And thus RectoVerso was born.


In the store, this duality of chique and chock was translated through several elements in the scenography. Hugely influential in the creation of the brand's chock side was Camille's interest in motorsports, which was the reason why the window display included elements like a white-painted motorcycle. The chique side was represented by bonsai trees, adding a touch of Wabi-sensibility to the interior. 


Signature Colour Pallet
The store started as a blank canvas, painted cod gray with modern industrial elements added to the painting. Colours used for the retail concept were derived from the brand's signature colour pallet, sporting the colours true blue, spicy orange and spectra yellow.
Le Chic et Le Choc
Women balance their sophisticated side with their edgier side on a daily basis. For RectoVerso, this translated to elegant Wabi-Sabi elements like bonsai trees, as well as the floating motorcycle painted entirely in the cod grey signature colour.