Samsonite Plant Opening

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Up to this day, a Samsonite suitcase remains the best travel companion. They're durable and light, tasteful and dependable. There's a lot that goes into a Samsonite, which is why the company decided that with the opening of their new plant, it was time for the world to know more about the process that goes into the manufacturing of one of their suitcases.

Recently, Samsonite opened up their 3rd plant in Szekszárd, Hungary. Strategically, Nightingale consulted Samsonite Europe as a progressive media relations expert in preparation to the European press launch. This included responsibilities such as support and arrangements for press releases, PR promo material, formats for press mailings, trend consultancy and more. Weeks in advance, European members of the press were invited to the opening of this new plant. 

Furthermore, Nightingale acted as PR support during the event and was responsible for press coordination on the field,  as well as answering inquiries and catering to the press when needed. The agency also coordinated interviews and guided the journalists as they were introduced to several phases of the production process.