Sissy-Boy FW18 Christmas Collection

Turning the world of wonders upside down for the holiday season.

During the Christmas season, many brands revisit the wondrous world of snowy landscapes, sparkly lights and the adventures of Kris Kringle, but none do it as imaginative as Sissy-Boy. The 'Journey of Wonders' collection journeys through the wondrous world of Christmas, but reshapes this familiar narrative with unexpected twists.

Classics such as snowglobes make a comeback this season, this time surprisingly focused on the wonders of the animal kingdom. Think penguins with travel plans, dachshunds on the way to a party and ostriches that decorate the Christmas tree, all hidden in one of these wonderful snow globes. The unexpected stories hidden within these glass winterscapes make for a fun surprise for yourself and your guests.

From the covered table with rich dinnerware to the ultimate Christmas tree with the most beautiful hand-blown Christmas balls, from the festive Christmas outfit with rich embroidery to the best and most original Christmas gifts: this Christmas is all about wonder, surprises, and enrichment. 

Nightingale handled all press communications and showroom lending, including the introduction to press and influencers during the ANTIDOTE 2X19 Open Days. To conclude the campaign, Nightingale organized and handled the production for a dedicated Christmas dinner (see case file) for the press.