Smartmat, an originally Swedish concept, delivers fresh, locally grown ingredients and healthy recipes at your doorstep on a weekly basis. It’s the perfect solution if you have a busy lifestyle or if you just like to be inspired in the kitchen.

Nightingale takes care of the overall communication strategy as well as the social media strategy, creating content for Facebook and Instagram and setting up advertising campaigns for social media, Google Adwords and YouTube. 

By sending out press releases we highlight the brandstory and new products such as veggie meals, single bags, etc. With an eye on expanding our fanbase we send out products to press and bloggers.

Wallonia - Midsommar dinner
Smartmat is an established brand in Flanders but is now reaching out to the Brussels and Walloon market. Functioning as a consultant, Nightingale organised an informal Midsommar-themed dinner for French-speaking journalists and bloggers to get acquainted with the brand. Furthermore we reached out to influencers in Wallonia to gift them with a try-out Smartmat bag. The corresponding press release was sent out in both French and Dutch, a bilingual approach we also apply to Smartmat’s social media channels. As a result the succes of Smartmat is growing in the southern regions of our small country.
Festive menu with Sabato
Every year at Christmas and New Year's Eve, Smartmat mixes up its offer with a festive menu. The ingredients and recipes for 4 courses for a group of 8 (both meat and vegetarian) are delivered at your door, leaving you with a solid answer on the most important question during the holiday season: What are we eating tonight? To put the festive menu in the spotlight, Nightingale worked out an exclusive collaboration with Sabato, the weekend issue of Belgium's financial newspaper De Tijd, resulting in a 5 page spread.
TV commercial
After focusing on awareness and Smartmat ambassadors spreading the word, Nightingale came up with a TV commercial to introduce the concept to a broader audience: the viewers of VTM, 2BE and VITAYA. The 30 sec. commercial represents Smartmat’s core values such as family life and healthy cooking. Nightingale – as an established partner agency for Smartmat – took on the role of strategic and creative agency and worked together with a professional production agency Eshloraque, food stylist, make-up artists, etc. After broadcasting the commercial during prime time on television, the 30 second film was used as an advertising tool on Youtube.
Launch single bag
Good news for all singles out there: Smartmat finally launched a menu tailor made for singles - The Single Bag! With an increasing amount of weekly customers (1500), Smartmat looks to respond to the needs and wishes of as many people as possible. Since singles often lack inspiration, time and courage to cook a healthy and balanced meal for themselves, Smartmat decided it was time to step in and lend them a helping hand. Nightingale organized the official press launch of the Smartmat Single Bag, consisting of two timings: an intimate brunch with the founder of Smartmat and key lifestyle and food press, and an evening party with press, bloggers, partners and happy customers. The event took place in the inspiring venue of Eddy Blondé -, which happens to be Anders Asarby's former home.
Food cart
Also, we designed, conceptualized and produced a food trolley as innovative tool to bring Smartmat’s product closer to their target audience and create a word-of-mouth. The trolley is used at street activations, festivals, neighborhood events, etc. The food cart was mentioned in Weekend Knack.
Biofestival Gentse Feesten
Nightingale was responsible for the concept interior of Smartmat's participation in Biofestival during Gentse Feesten. With a focus on urban gardening and green in the city, the concept resulted in an 'urban farm' kind of atmosphere.