SMARTMAT Breakfast Club

The average Belgian has breakfast with a slice of bread, a piece of chocolate and an overpriced cup of coffee. Smartmat is introducing a new way of starting off your day, with The Breakfast Club. The process is easy: you order online & they deliver a weekly breakfast-box to you door, filled with delicious ingredients including home-made granola and jam with matching recipes.

Nightingale covered the branding of The Breakfast Club, more specifically the design of the logo, menu’s and boxes. As part of the communication strategy, we sent out a press release and a thematic shopping page. 

Furthermore we launched and to this day maintain the The Breakfast Club blog ( where we publish inspiring topics and new recipes. Nightingale also covers everything concerning imagery, producing photo shoots on a regular basis.

Social media strategy
Regarding the social media strategy, we provide content and advertising for Facebook as well as Instagram. By seeding breakfast backages to press and bloggers during de first weeks of The Breakfast Club, Nightingale managed to build brand awareness and spread the concept, which resulted in a lot of press coverage and blog reviews.