In 2011, Anders Asarby felt that it was time for a change. At the time he had been working as a graphic designer, not catering to his hidden love for food. As time progressed, Asarby decided to quit his job and start up a company, and in result, Smartmat was born.

After focusing on awareness and Smartmat ambassadors spreading the word, Nightingale came up with a TV commercial to introduce the concept to a broader audience: the viewers of VTM, 2BE and VITAYA. 

The 30 sec. commercial represents Smartmat’s core values such as family life and healthy cooking. Nightingale – as an established partner agency for Smartmat – took on the role of strategic and creative agency and worked together with a professional production agency Eshloraque, food stylist, make-up artists, etc. 

Behind-the-scenes pictures by Melissa Milis