SVNTY is Fashion Club 70's (renowned fashion agency) very first in-house collection. Established as an Antwerp based sneaker label, SVNTY quickly evolved into an all round apparel brand extending the second collection with a limited line of athletic sweaters and leggings.

SVNTY was created to respond to the athletic lifestyle, breathing luxurious class and sporty coolness. Taking the ‘Athleisure’ trend to the next level, SVNTY strongly believes in creating a powerful contrast between classy and athletic.



At Nightingale we take care of the all round communication strategy of SVNTY by helping to determine the identity and the direction of the brand. We built and maintained press relations by sending out thematic shopping pages and press releases, both general (brand story) and thematic (capsule collections), and by seeding. Creating social media content for Facebook and Instagram and following up on advertising through social media is part of our social media strategy.

Nightingale worked on the past two campaign images, from envisioning the concepts to directing and producing both photo shoots, even building the marble setting from scratch.



SVNTY x WeCanDance
Acting as an intermediary, we assisted in the collaboration with WeCanDance Festival. We put the photo booth from one of the shoots at the festival and invited visitors to recreate the campaign images, offering them the chance to win a prize. By making it possible to share the resulting images through social media immediately, we managed to connect the booth to a social media mechanism seamlessly.
Window installation
Furthermore Nightingale was responsible for creating the POS material. The SS15 as well as the AW15 window was designed by using a holocube to generate more traffic to the primary stores. With regards to the first selling season, we set up a store battle to stimulate sales, the first prize being a trip to New York.