Sways by RAINS

When thinking of fashionable rainwear, it is hard not to think of the Danish outerwear brand RAINS. As one of the few that saw potential in the market, the brand distinguised itself by adding a signature design feature to it. Along with the reinvented classics, RAINS today offers a recognisable and unique line of waterproof outerwear, bags and accessories that just so happens to look great as well. 

Going even further, they launced a kids label called SWAYS, a RAINS original. Stands for 'swinging back and forth'. The collection is designed for young adventurers from 5 to 12 years old. The rainwear is inspired by Scandinavian streetwear and sports culture resulting in colorful and fun designs. 

As an extention to the work we did for RAINS, Nightingale introduced this new brand story to the Belgian Market. Furthermore, we assisted SWAYS’ in progressive PR and media relations. Furthermore, the whole collection was available for lending to stylists.

The rainwear is inspired by Scandinavian streetwear and sports culture resulting in colorful and fun designs.