Van Craen

For the last 20 years, the van Craen sisters have been dealing in 'Slow Design', with the vision that "designal pieces are something that should be appreciated for a long period of time". This message is something that resonates with every client they represent, from newcomer Lambert & Fils to the remarkable designs of Davide Groppi, Oty Light, Carpet Sign, Petite Friture and futniture brand Alki. 

With a sophisticated and singularly refined brand portfolio, it is an honour that Julie and Elise van Craen requested the assistance of Nightingale for the rebranding of their design agency. After twenty years of experience, they felt an instinctive neccesity for a shift in the paradigm; a rebirth in identity, fitting for the generation before them, as well as the one that has yet to come to fruition. 

Nightingale was responsible for the complete rebranding, which included a new name, the redesign of their logo, a new website, stationery, business cards and the supporting communication strategy behind this new identity: one that captured both their extensive experience, as well as one that could launch them into the next twenty years. 

To present this new identity to the rest of the world, the design agency traveled to Milan to present this new rebranding at the Salone del Mobile.